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Our Products


  • BTC / USD & ETH / USD pairs
  • Bot trading
  • Copy trade
  • Agency (up to 7 level commission)
  • Android and iOS app


  • Reward Based Social Media
  • Comment, Like, Share, Post
  • Reward
  • More you will use, more you will earn
  • Android and iOS app coming soon


  • Blockchain development
  • Developer registration
  • Reward
  • User details
  • Progress report of efx eco system


  • P2P System
  • Globally available
  • Easy to use


  • Virtual shopping & play
  • User can buy or sell things on Metaverse
  • They can rome through VR/ AR & any display

Project Information


EFX Token

Proof Of Volume & Proof Of Stake blockchain, single blockchain for multiple uses, Master Node is an extra earning opportunity for clients


Exchange C.O

Crypto Options Trading platform with the best winning ratio in the industry, users can work as agency partners with us and start earning and educating people

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“5/1 risk/reward ratio allows you to have a hit rate of 20%. I can actually be a complete imbecile. I can be wrong 80% of the time and still not lose.” – Paul Tudor Jones

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Blockchain is built on privacy and security and we always follow the soul concept of blockchain, our wallet application is useful in routine life people can use it without any worries as they have in web wallets or private wallets. Users must have to save seeds and use them when they want to recover them at their requirement


Life in the new digital world

Blockchain Technology

Proof Ofvolume

Our “POV” is a unique concept where we calculated unlocking supply by trading volume generated on our exchange or the exchange that was sold by us to our partners

Trading volume will be counted based on “Playing Dollar” converted by the users, the more they will convert more tokens will be unlocked on the next day

At +0.00 UTC data is synchronized with blockchain and based on trading volume and market price of EFX, new EFX will be available for sale


Proof OfStake

Proof Of Stake is a familiar word in the crypto industry and we are also providing an opportunity for our users to earn a reward based on POS

We are providing a 60% annual interest rate for the first 3 years of the project and then after a 12% annual interest rate will be given to the users

Anyone can buy EFX and start earning easy way, User will require a minimum of 10 EFX to get rewards. We will provide a stacking facility on our platform


Master Node

Master nodes attempt to solve the problem by acting as full nodes, and their operators are financially rewarded, similar to miners in a proof-of-work system

They operate on a collateral-based system to ensure that they provide genuine services as a backbone to the blockchain network and hence are also known as “bonded validator systems”

Masternode is a secure way to store your funds, earn interest, and contribute to a cryptocurrency network while HOLDing a digital asset for potential long-term capital gains


Exchange C.O

Crypto Option Trading is a platform where user can earn money with their trading skill, User can get up to 95% on per winning trade while playing the trading game

Copy trade option is most beneficial for new traders who don't know how to get profit from the market, they just have to copy the order book of the successful traders and book profit with them

Start work with us as an “Agency” and get extra benefits on team working, just has to pay agency fees and achieve trading volume as per conditions to get a commission on the volume


Limited time sale for EFX token

Token Sale Event is a pre-sale for every opportunist

EFX has a total of 180,000,000 tokens and only 5% of tokens among them are available in this event. Around 9,000,000 EFX token is available for sale and at every stage price of the token will be increased. Tokens will be distributed on a first come first serve basis and during the event time duration of the event token will be available from the website only, once we completed the soft cap or time of the event then afterward tokens will be available on exchanges. Token will get first listing on any international exchange and then after will be listed on another trading platform, as of now our team is in contact with leading exchanges and we will complete the listing soon

Public Sale
Sold Out
Total EFX Tokens:

Blockchain at glimpse

Blockchain Technically

Market Place

Soon we will be in the Top 20 exchanges before end of Dec 2021


Algorithm Used

Proof of Volume & Proof of Stake with Master Node, first and unique concept


People who are working with us and helping to develop the ECOSystem of The Project


Token holders

Number of people who purchased our token from our site and have faith in us


Our Tokenomics

Blockchain Technology
Token Sale Event (9,000,000)
Public Sell (9,000,000)
Marketing (10,800,000)
Developers (14,400,000)
Advisor (18,000,000)
Reserve (19,800,000)
Proof of Stake (45,000,000)
POS (45,000,000)
Proof of Volume (63,000,000)
POV (63,000,000)


01 Dec 2019
Project Initiated and planned road map

The first core committee was formed and decided to work on this unique concept. Technology, ideology, use cases and tokenomics were created. The layout of task-based work was scheduled.

15 July 2020
Token created and tested

Token created and named with "EFX", ERC20 based token with limited supply and mobile application for iOS and Android.

1 Aug 2021
Token listing will be complete for Coin Market cap and top exchanges of the world

Our team will work hard to list on different trading platforms and various sites to improve our reach to more people.

1 Jan 2022
Token will be traded in 3 out of 10 top exchanges

Our technology, ecosystem and user base will help us to list token on some best exchanges in the world.

15 March 2022
Blockchain development will be initiated

The most important part of the project is where we will develop our own blockchain with the main net and the master node.

15 April 2023
Blockchain will be launched

Blockchain with unique algorithms and scalability will be launch and most helpful for DEX and trading exchanges. Significantly low trading fees and high security.



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